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When life gets in the way…. Just let it….

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Yesterday I decided to take a very rare day off.

My son had a day off from work and he wanted to play golf, probably the last round of the year as the cold weather is closing in fast. His options for playing partners were pretty limited as it was a work day and most ‘normal’ people were slaving away at their J-O-B.

Now most of you that know me, know that both of my sons play golf to a very high level and I spend a lot of time driving them to and from golf tournaments across North America. I watch them play a lot but rarely get the chance to play with them.

It could have been so easy to say, “Sorry I have to work!”.

But I decided the work could wait for once and I was going to spend some quality time with my 18 yr old!

We had a blast!

I have had my own business now for over 20 years so I have got over the guilty feelings (sort of) when I take time off.

How crazy is that?

If I was working a ‘normal’ 9am to 5pm J-O-B I would more then likely get two days off a week and my day would be over to do as I please at 5pm.

The fact that I have my own business, instead of giving me more freedom sometimes handcuffs me to the desk as I mistakenly feel I have to be constantly available for my clients.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner we often create these problems for ourselves.

For example, if you always reply instantly to the demanding email of a client, that client will get used to your instant response and expect that service as standard. Give yourself some slack by building in a time lapse between answering client emails. That way your clients won’t expect an instant response from you every time they need something.

Find a happy medium between giving good customer service but allowing yourself some time for the unexpected things that crop up in business.

You know… like life!

So the next time that your son or daughter wants you to go and watch them play school sports or perform in the school band or even just hang out with them, just do it. Those moments are gone before you know it.

And guess what? The work will still be there when you get back…

How do you deal with work-life balance as an entrepreneur? Leave me a comment below…

Here’s to your online success,

Lorraine McNulty - Build a Blog

Lorraine has been designing websites for over 20 years.
She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs market themselves online via blogging. Her site provides tips & tutorials on blogging and full services for blog set up and customization.
Lorraine is originally from England but now lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two teenage boys and her Newfoundland dog, Bentley.

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