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Customer satisfaction is very important to me.
Here are some kind words & testimonials from Build A Blog clients…
Eryn McCormick - Testimonial

Eryn McCormick – Phoenix, Arizona


Diane Grant

Diane Grant- Coquille, Oregon

Krista Kowaluk, Winnipeg, Manitoba

John DiGirolamo, Plantsville, Connecticut, USA

Testimonial - Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson

Mike Sakal, Florida, USA

Video Testimonial from Mike Sakal

Testimonials - Liz Lafferty

Liz Lafferty


2 Responses to Testimonials

  • We would love to/need to do something I’m sure but definitely tech inept apart from the occasional fiddling about like tonight, but by the next time I’m freed up again I’ve forgotten again!?

    • Ah Pamela – now you’ve mastered FaceBook you could start with a FaceBook page for Il Piccolo. Then I could look at pictures of Welly’s cooking :) Stef could take videos with the GoPro :)

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