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What’s Your Expertise? – Know It – Own It – Sell It!

There’s an old saying that say to be considered an expert you only need to know one more thing than the average person. In other words it’s all relative! Everyone can be an expert at something as we all have talents. Believing in our own ability and having the courage to admit to being an expert is one thing that often holds back budding entrepreneurs. Continue reading →

10 Brilliant Social Media Tools You Should Be Using!

If you are in business you should be using Social Media! I know a lot of business owners that just don't want to go there... "It's too complicated!" and "I just don't have time for that!" are just some of the excuses I hear. But really you shouldn't be sticking your head in the sand and ignoring it because you can guarantee your competitors aren't! There are a lot of social media tools and apps available now to help you manage your social media efforts and take the headache and hardwork out of it. Here are a just a few of my favourites.... Continue reading →
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