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What Miley Cyrus Could Teach The Business World.

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What Miley Cyrus Could Teach The Business WorldOkay, I know, this band waggon is moving along quite nicely without someone else jumping on it but this is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus’ music, I really couldn’t care less about her antics. I live in a free country, as does she, and I have an open mind. How she chooses to behave is up to her. Celebrities have done far worse and are still on their pedestals idolised by millions! So this post is not about to bash her for her behaviour. I don’t have teenage girls to worry about and if I did I would hope they knew exactly what they were doing if they behaved like her (however, I doubt I would be in the front row applauding).

But Miley Cyrus is a brand!

What advertising executive wouldn’t kill for the amount of publicity she has got this week?

She started out as a Disney Princess, a child star, and amassed a fortune from her young fans as Hannah Montana. I think it is safe to assume that Hannah Montana has now been put to rest. You can read her obituary here in the Globe and Mail.

But Hannah Montana couldn’t stay 16 for ever. And Miley Cyrus clearly didn’t have enough money yet for what she wants to do in life so she had to evolve. She had to re-brand. And re-brand she has. Whilst you may not necessarily agree with her new brand, as business entrepreneurs you can’t argue that she did it effectively. What she does with it now is anybody’s guess and her next moves will seal the fate of the Miley Cyrus business. Either they will handle all the press and move on with the new (and improved???) Miley Cyrus or they will crash and burn as so many have before them when trying to rebrand a tired and outdated business.

She doesn’t have a logo that she can simply rework, nor a tagline that can be magically revamped into something catchy and memorable. I’m sure her team worked really hard to come up with the nude coloured latex bikini and finger glove (you really don’t think she thought of that all herself do you?).

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is a shining example to us all (really she is) that a little talent can go a long way! Remember Madonna! And dare I say Justin Bieber!

Now to all you people out there sitting at home, worrying over whether you really know enough to establish yourself as a business to coach and mentor others, get your latex bikinis on and strut your stuff. (PLEASE NOT LITERALLY!)

Have the confidence to OWN your brand and go out and TWERK in the faces of your naysayers (AGAIN NOT LITERALLY!)

So what do you think of her rebranding? Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s to your online success,

 Lorraine McNulty - Build a Blog

Lorraine has been designing websites for over 20 years.
She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs market themselves online via blogging. Her site provides tips & tutorials on blogging and full services for blog set up and customization.
Lorraine is originally from England but now lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two teenage boys and her Newfoundland dog, Bentley.

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