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Wordpress Security

WordPress 3.7 Automatic Updates and how to disable them!

So by now you will have updated your WordPress blog to WordPress 3.7 (and probably 3.7.1). One of the new features included is WordPress 3.7 Automatic Updates. Fantastic, right? No longer will you need to remember to keep your WordPress version up to date. WordPress will do all the updating for you, all of those security patches will be applied automatically (as long as your hosting fits the requirements). But what if you don;t want to auto-update? Here's how to control your own updates! Continue reading →

What to do if your site has been hacked?

So you take a look at your site and WTF? It's either disappeared and something else is there in its place or you are seeing a whole lot of gobbledy gook that certainly isn't your wonderful blog that you put hours and hours of work into. Well when you have finished hitting buttons on your keyboard and swearing at the screen, take a deep breath and remain calm! Continue reading →

How To Backup WordPress.

One of the most important things you need to learn how to do with your blog is backup WordPress. You need this before upgrading WordPress and before installing or updating some plugins. Also, if you have any issues with your blog AT ALL, if you have a backup, your blog can be back up and running in no time at all. If you don't then you could potentially lose ALL the work you have done on your blog so far. Continue reading →

Blog Subscribers – How To Stop Spam Registrations

I know the feeling - you check the dashboard of your blog and you have 150 new subscribers! Great - you think! But wait - how did I get those subscribers and what can I do with them all? Well I hate to burst your bubble but the likelihood is that those subscribers aren't real people. But probably from an automated program that has found the subscribe/registration page on your site and signed up automatically. So how can you stop spam registrations to your WordPress blog? Continue reading →

Updating WordPress and Updating WordPress Plugins

More and more people are reporting that their blogs have been hacked. To keep your blog secure you need to know about updating Wordpress and updating Wordpress Plugins. Out-of-date plugins and old versions of Wordpress are the number one cause for hacked blog sites. This should be a regular check that you perform on your blog. Continue reading →
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