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Widget Wednesday: The Traffic Player Review

We all love video - it's touted as a big deal for bloggers but how many of you would like a nice looking way to display your videos? I have tried many different video player plugins and not really liked any of them until I came across The Traffic Player. I wanted one that made the videos look a little different to all the standard video players out there (I like different!) Continue reading →

Thank You 30 Day Blogging Challenge Bloggers

And so here we are - at Day 30 of Beth Hewitt's 30 Day Blogging Challenge! I have to admit I wasn't sure I would be able to blog everyday given my schedule over the last 30 days. For those of you that know me - you know I spend a large amount of time in the summer being taxi driver and cheerleader to my two sons who are both competitive golfers. We travel all over the place. The last 30 days I have been in three different Provinces in Canada and two different countries. Blogging everyday was INDEED a CHALLENGE! Continue reading →

How To Backup WordPress.

One of the most important things you need to learn how to do with your blog is backup WordPress. You need this before upgrading WordPress and before installing or updating some plugins. Also, if you have any issues with your blog AT ALL, if you have a backup, your blog can be back up and running in no time at all. If you don't then you could potentially lose ALL the work you have done on your blog so far. Continue reading →

Living in the sticks!

I have been very fortunate for many years to run my business from home. I can choose my own hours and have the freedom to enjoy the days like yesterday and work on the 'not so great' weather days. I have no long commute to work and I am here for my kids when they get home from school (not that they need me to be anymore!). I have watched my kids play all sorts of sports at school and have driven them and their team mates all over the place to away matches. I have cheered them on from the stands in a variety of rep sports and have been able to watch them perform in various bands and music groups! I didn't miss a minute of them growing up! Continue reading →
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