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Social Media

10 Brilliant Social Media Tools You Should Be Using!

If you are in business you should be using Social Media! I know a lot of business owners that just don't want to go there... "It's too complicated!" and "I just don't have time for that!" are just some of the excuses I hear. But really you shouldn't be sticking your head in the sand and ignoring it because you can guarantee your competitors aren't! There are a lot of social media tools and apps available now to help you manage your social media efforts and take the headache and hardwork out of it. Here are a just a few of my favourites.... Continue reading →

Facebook Rolls Out Larger Images On Link Shares

Facebook have just confirmed that they have increased the image size on links when you post or share on your timeline. You will see larger images on link shares. Now instead of the small square image to the left of the post details you will see a bigger image horizontally above the post details. Find out about the NEW dimensions. Continue reading →

How To Run A Successful FaceBook Contest.

Everywhere you look on Facebook people are running contests and giving away prizes. Now whether you agree that a Facebook Contest is a great way to improve engagement and likes for your page or whether you think they are a complete waste of time, Facebook has a set of rules for you if you run a contest. Time and time again I see people posting contests which blatantly break those Facebook rules. Continue reading →

How To Turn Off Facebook Notification Sound

Have you been wondering where that annoying beep is coming from? Haven’t tracked it down yet? Well within the last few weeks Facebook has changed its settings (Surprise!) and now ‘beeps’ at you to tell you there is a new message or that someone has posted something that you really must drop everything and rush over and read! Continue reading →
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