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What Theme Is That?

Have you ever come a cross a blog that you REALLY like the look of and wondered what theme it was using? Quite simply because you've been looking for that perfect theme for your own blog and this one might just be the one! Some sites are helpful and may well include the name of the theme in the footnote and even better if they include a link for it too. Others you may have to dig a bit further. Here's how... Continue reading →

10 Things To Look For In A Good Blog Designer

In today’s hectic business climate it is important to work smarter. But when you have to choose an important service provider you need to slow down and make a deliberate, careful decision. This is particularly important when you are getting ready to put yourself out there on the World Wide Web in a new or newly-refurbished blog site. Choosing your blog designer is an important decision. Continue reading →

How To Create a Squeeze Page With A Build A Blog Premium Theme

Build A Blog Premium Themes come with the capability to create a squeeze page right from within the WordPress Dashboard. No need for costly extra software such as Optimize Press or Ten Minute Pages. Here's how to make your Squeeze Page/Lead Capture Page/Landing Page/Thank You Page in a few easy steps. Continue reading →
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