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How to migrate from Joomla to WordPress

Joomla used to be one of my favourite CMS systems for designing a website but as WordPress has become more and more popular I have designed less and less with Joomla. I had a site that I wanted to update and migrate from Joomla to WordPress. The process isn't well documented so here is my tutorial on exactly how to migrate from Joomla to WordPress. Continue reading →

Widget Wednesday: How to add Google Fonts to your blog.

Google's free font directory has hundreds of great fonts to choose from. Your theme usually dictates the fonts available for you to use by way of the style sheet (style.css). However, occasionally you might want to add Google Fonts to your blog to include a different font in a page or post or jazz up certain aspects of your theme to make it unique to you. Continue reading →

Widget Wednesdays: WYSIWYG Sidebar Widgets

This WordPress plugin will help you create attractive looking sidebars without the need to know any coding. We have previously covered some of the basic HTML that you should know to create nice looking sidebar widgets. However, this plugin is even easier - you don't need to know any code as it's WYSIWYG (What You See IS What You Get). Continue reading →

Are you getting enough?

Opt-ins are the life blood of your business. You can have the most successful blog in the world, in terms of visitors reading it, but if they don't opt-in to your mailing list you are losing the opportunity to convert those readers to clients. We have all heard the saying 'The money is in the list!", right? Well it may be a cliche, but it's true. So how do you make sure you get people to opt-in? Continue reading →

Sunday Snippets: Don’t Let Them Leave!

I see this issue time and time again on so many people’s blogs. You include a link to an external site to give added value BUT when your reader clicks that link you have lost them from your own site – maybe forever! The number one aim is to keep them on your site not send them off chasing around like a cat catching a laser beam. Continue reading →
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