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A Penny For Your Thoughts? Seriously? They Are Worth Way More!

Have you experienced the brain picker yet? You know, the well meaning friend who just has a 'quick question'! It's an age-old dilemma - on one hand you want to be helpful (they are friends after all!) but on the other hand the knowledge you have collected over the years has cost you a small fortune to gather and well frankly, you don't want to give it away for free. Continue reading →

What Makes A Good Coach? 10 Must Have Characteristics

Business and Sport have a lot in common! In my youth I was always involved in sport and can remember fondly the great coaches I had. Now I'm a Weekend Warrior so not so much concerned with sport's coaches for myself but my sons are both highly competitive golfers and have until now mainly been self-taught. We recently had reason to think about what makes a good coach and I was struck by how the characteristics required for sport are the exact same as required for business. Continue reading →
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