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Bad Day? Not Me – I Can Do Anything Better Than You!

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Bad DayDo you have days when you just can’t seem to get it together?

The Bad Day to end all Bad Days!

Everything seems a chore!

Your ‘To-Do’ list isn’t getting any shorter and you’re starting to wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing?

Well don’t worry! You’re in good company!

Entrepreneurs around the world all think like that at some point.

It’s tough being the responsible one.

No sick days…. no paid leave…no ‘slacking ‘cos you’re feeling lazy’ days!

Make yourself a cup of coffee, tea or grab a beer or a glass of wine depending on what time you are reading this and watch this very short video.

Now when you wake up tomorrow morning (or afternoon – after all, we work our own hours, right!) I want you to find a mirror.

Please, whatever you do, do not climb up on the bathroom counter – what looks cute for a 4 year old girl is just downright dangerous for a big-ass adult! (I speak from experience!)

Once in front of the mirror you are going to say…

“I love everything about my business!’

“I love being an entrepreneur”

“I can do anything”

“I am going to get things done today!”


And there you have it….

…if you are not laser focused after that simply go back to bed and start the process all over again until you are! (or in fact it’s bed time and you wasted the day completely)

Here’s to your online success,

Lorraine McNulty - Build a Blog

P.S. A sense of humour is an essential tool in the arsenal of the entrepreneur!

Do you have any great motivational tips? Please leave them below – because let’s face it I probably need some better ones!!!


Lorraine has been designing websites for over 20 years.
She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs market themselves online via blogging. Her site provides tips & tutorials on blogging and full services for blog set up and customization.
Lorraine is originally from England but now lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two teenage boys and her Newfoundland dog, Bentley.

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