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The Four (4) Basic Parts of a Marketing Funnel

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Marketing FunnelIf you’re new to online marketing you may be wondering what a marketing funnel is.

You’ll hear the term a LOT!

What is a Marketing Funnel?

In online marketing, a funnel is often used to explain the process of obtaining customers through gaining their email address in exchange for a free offering and keeping them through the continued provision of value added offers. Your marketing funnel should aim to convert your prospects to customers and keep them for a lifetime.

The graphic of a funnel is used  to visualise the process of obtaining leads by offering inexpensive, often free, products at the wide mouth or top of the funnel. The customer is then gradually moved downward (funnelled) using added value offers and services.

The further down the funnel the customer moves, the more valuable and expensive the offers become.

If done right the marketing funnel will keep your customers for a long period of time.

You may also see the marketing funnel referred to as a sales funnel.

What makes up a marketing funnel?

Here’s a quick two minute video showing you the four basic parts of a marketing funnel.

Below the video you can download a handy PDF as a reminder and I’ll also cover some of the terminology you may not be aware of.

Download PDF

Marketing Funnel Glossary

Squeeze Page: A term for a Landing Page, usually the page you arrive at after clicking a link. It’s purpose is to convince the prospect to take the action that you want them to (i.e. sign up for your free offer or purchase your product.

Landing Page: The page that your prospect arrives at after clicking a link in a post or ad.

Optin Box: The form used to collect your prospect’s email address and other info. It is linked to your autoresponder and stores the prospect’s info in your subscriber list.

Offer: The value that you are offering to your prospect in return for their email address. It could be an eBook, a video or some really useful tips.

Autoresponder: A tool for creating and maintaining a list of prospects. It can be set up to automatically respond to the prospect with a thank you or welcome message as well as follow up communications such as newsletters. It can also be used to deliver your downloadable free offer or product. I use and recommend Aweber as an autoresponder. You can read more about them here.

Traffic: A term used for the people viewing your site. The more people viewing your site the better.

Social Media: Hello! Have you been hiding under a rock?

Earning An Income: The reason we do this. Putting the processes together in the correct way often results in an expansion of your bank account!

I hope that you found this useful. If so please comment and share.

If you would like more useful marketing tips please use my optin box below and sign up to be apart of my marketing funnel :)

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Here’s to YOUR online success,

Lorraine McNulty - Build a Blog

Lorraine has been designing websites for over 20 years.
She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs market themselves online via blogging. Her site provides tips & tutorials on blogging and full services for blog set up and customization.
Lorraine is originally from England but now lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two teenage boys and her Newfoundland dog, Bentley.

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