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Monthly Archives: September 2013

What to do if your site has been hacked?

So you take a look at your site and WTF? It's either disappeared and something else is there in its place or you are seeing a whole lot of gobbledy gook that certainly isn't your wonderful blog that you put hours and hours of work into. Well when you have finished hitting buttons on your keyboard and swearing at the screen, take a deep breath and remain calm! Continue reading →

Why you should avoid using your MLM replicated website?

So you've decided to try your hand at network marketing! Good idea - it's a great business model and there are a lot of excellent opportunities out there. You sign up and the first thing they offer you is your OWN website. Find out why you should avoid using your MLM replicated website at all costs! Continue reading →

Blogger Outreach Campaigns – What You Need to Know

SEO today is no longer about blindly building links across the web. With search engines like Google constantly updating and refining their algorithms, optimizing your website for greater search visibility has become a process that requires strategic thinking, planning, research as well as creating great content. That’s where Blogger Outreach campaigns come in. Continue reading →

The Elephant In The Room – Blogging and Religion!

There’s an elephant in the room and for me it’s blogging and religion! Would you still do business with me if I was a different religion to you? Would you? I may be your ideal customer. Every 'tick box' checked EXCEPT the religion one! Continue reading →

The Four (4) Basic Parts of a Marketing Funnel

If you're new to online marketing you may be wondering what a marketing funnel is. You'll hear the term a LOT! In online marketing, a funnel is often used to explain the process of obtaining customers through gaining their email address in exchange for a free offering and keeping them through the continued provision of value added offers. Your marketing funnel should aim to convert your prospects to customers and keep them for a lifetime. Continue reading →

Facebook Rolls Out Larger Images On Link Shares

Facebook have just confirmed that they have increased the image size on links when you post or share on your timeline. You will see larger images on link shares. Now instead of the small square image to the left of the post details you will see a bigger image horizontally above the post details. Find out about the NEW dimensions. Continue reading →

A Penny For Your Thoughts? Seriously? They Are Worth Way More!

Have you experienced the brain picker yet? You know, the well meaning friend who just has a 'quick question'! It's an age-old dilemma - on one hand you want to be helpful (they are friends after all!) but on the other hand the knowledge you have collected over the years has cost you a small fortune to gather and well frankly, you don't want to give it away for free. Continue reading →
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